Rodarima Store

Curated Design Collaborations

Where Art meets curated merchandise.

Explore a realm where the digital artistry of Satoshi Matsunaga, the photographic brilliance of Nathalie Charbonnier, and the innovative designs of Romuald Reber come to life on a diverse array of products. Our shop is a tribute to their collective genius, offering you a piece of wearable and sustainable art for everyday inspiration.

Discover the Essence of Art in Every Item

Welcome to a realm where art transcends the canvas and infuses everyday life with creativity and style. Rodarima Boutique is not just an e-shop; it’s a curated gallery of wearable and usable art, thoughtfully selected to bring beauty and inspiration into your daily routine. Each item in our collection is a testament to the vision of our founder, Romuald Reber, who meticulously assembles designs that speak to the heart.

From the elegant stroke of a brush to the bold line of a sketch, is where these artistic expressions find a new canvas. It’s a place where passion meets practicality, and where you can carry a piece of art with you, in what you wear and what you use.

We invite you to explore and experience the fusion of art and life. Each click unfolds a new page of our gallery, showcasing unique items that are more than just products—they are a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship.

Step into Rodarima Store and let art elevate your everyday.