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Transform Your Space: Print Remarkable Artworks on Your Walls or Ceilings in Barrisol’s ‘Art in Your Heart’ Edition.

In this special edition, “Art in your heart,” Jean-Marc Scherrer, CEO of Barrisol®, and art agent Romuald Reber from art-in-your-heart.com, invite you to envision the possibilities of transforming your interior space with the captivating works of six contemporary artists who are making a profound impact on today’s art scene.

With a diverse selection of their remarkable creations available, you have the opportunity to bring these artworks to life by expertly printing them. Whether displayed on your walls or showcased on your ceilings, these artworks will truly enhance your space and evoke a sense of artistry and inspiration.

Discover the talented artists featured in this collection:

Please keep in mind that the resolution of the image may impact the printing dimensions available.

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Barrisol is a leading company in the field of stretch ceiling systems and innovative interior design solutions. They offer a wide range of products, including stretch ceilings, walls, acoustic solutions, lighting, and 3D forms. Barrisol’s stretch ceiling systems are known for their versatility, aesthetics, and ability to transform spaces with creative designs and lighting effects. The company has a global presence and works with architects, designers, and contractors to provide unique and high-quality solutions for various projects.

Nathalie Charbonnier – Digital Art

Satoshi Matsunaga – Digital Art

Christine Lavanchy – Photo and Digital Art

Stéphanie Garbani – Indian Ink Drawing

Carole Kohler – Abstract Sculptures and Painting

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