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April 16
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    Eau vive by CREaTION D_i_MAGES Charbonnier

    Nathalie Charbonnier - New Artwork - Eau Vive

    All day

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    Partnership with (r): Strength of innovation

    All day
    Gare 4, 68680 Kembs, France
    Gare 4, 68680 Kembs, France

    Romuald Reber Art Agent is proud to have established a strong partnership with Barrisol(r).

    More than 50 years of experience in the stretch ceiling.

    The Barrisol Universe offers a complete line of products for design professionals (e.g architects, decorators & interior designers) and for end users.  Each Barrisol sheet comes with Normalu Barrisol’s pledge and guarantee of durability and quality.

    Roma Colosseum (Italy), Mulhouse Foundry (France), Baltimore airport (USA) or Federation Square (Australia).


    Hey, baby! by Julia Mokhovikova

    Julia Mokhovikova - New Artworks

    All day

    Christine Lavanchy - Arte Laguna Invitation Opening and Awarding 30.03.2019

    Arte Laguna Prize 2018/19 - Venice/Italy -Nappe Arsenale Nord-Christine Lavanchy

    17:00 -18:00
    Sestiere Castello, 6611, 30122 Venezia VE, Italie
    Sestiere Castello, 6611, 30122 Venezia VE, Italie

    DIGITAL GRAPHICS Finalist : Christine Lavanchy @ Arte Laguna Prize 2018/19 . Venice Italy