Stéphanie Garbani – Indian ink drawings

Loves, Metaphors and Phantasmagorias.

My artwork images are narrative.
When I take my pen, and I work with Indian ink, I draw as I write. Then, I set out my feelings on paper through the forms and rhythms that I do explore. Black and white allows me to decline an idea easily.
I started the Indian ink on paper in 2010, by reproducing a narrative series on women tribe. Those women are at one with nature. In this series of drawings, the woman had a place domineering over the man and taken to the extreme; she becomes a cannibal. Like the praying mantis eats the male after being mated. All my drawing’s titles express an ironic dimension to the reading of the scenes I depict.
Today, my inspiration is focused on philosophical sentence of John Gray:
“Men Are from Mars; Women Are from Venus.” From this reflection, I created a series of drawings which symbolizes the couple through symbols already known to all, like the Venus of Botticelli but also through the metaphor of the human animal.
I’ve always been interested in women’s status and the more I advance in my thinking, the more I wonder as well about the status of the man. What is the place of man and woman today? In the couple, he seems to have one dominant and one dominated, but does the roles are immutable? The transformation of the animal in man allows me to express one perspective toward this complex relation.

Stéphanie Garbani.

Stéphanie Garbani - Indian ink drawings
Stéphanie Garbani – Indian ink drawings

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