Nayanaa Kanodia – Naïve Art – Figurative

India – Lifestyles Past and Present

Watching a snapshot of life at maximum preposterousness, exuberant and bursting with energy, idiosyncrasy, and absurdity.
Nayanaa’s work typifies the best characteristics of this genre- the air of whimsy, the flat-bright polished surfaces, vibrant and dynamic colors and the extraordinary plethora of intricately worked detail and patterns. The freshness and charm of the images she creates give a crystalline utopian appearance to the mundane everyday life being depicted. She reflects on the charming idiosyncrasies of her subjects with a fine degree of wit and gentle satire.

Her works are permanently displayed at Musee International D’Naif Art in Paris. Impressed by the social messages being conveyed in her paintings, a consortium of schools in Los Altos, USA, is using her work as a medium of instruction to their students.

Erica Jong, a famous author, recently acquired her work. Her paintings feature in a recently published international book   WOMEN IN ART by Reinhard Fuchs .To be selected among the world’s most talented female artists is a great honour.

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Catalogue-Nayanaa Kanodia-Jahangir Art Gallery – 2-8 October 2018









Nayanaa Kanodia

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Please note that as of December 2017, Romuald Reber is the Art Agent of the Artist Nayanaa Kanodia.

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