Grégory Schulé – Meta_Calligraphy – Gilding with gold leafs

A perpetual inspiration against the void of the world.

Grégory Schulé was a part of the skater generation that participated in the arrival of graffiti in French speaking Switzerland at the beginning of the 90s. Also, he discovered the following well known artists as Caza (Philippe Cazaumayou), (Hans Ruedi, “Rudolph”) H.-R. Giger, James Gurney and Luc Schuiten that inspired his work.
For Grégory, all the action takes place in a hostile environment.
His lines have gigantic proportions and their realisation demands a perfect concentration, a mastery of calligraphic techniques and impeccable coordination. His incredibly delicate work, which is close to jewellery making, results in unique paintings that embrace the third dimension, entering the world of optical art through hidden doorways.
Defining himself as a meta-calligraphist, Grégory holds the keys to these doorways, which in turn open onto a unique graphic universe unknown and as yet unexplored; then, with large cuts of his Stanley knife, he calmly and thoroughly clears the way for the viewer, allowing him to discover and experiment, the labyrinths Schulé makes, to enter if he dares, the marvellous and imaginary world of Grégory Schulé.

Grégory Schulé - Meta-Calligraphy - Gilding with gold leaf.
Grégory Schulé – Meta-Calligraphy – Gilding with gold leaf.

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