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My interest in the world of art grew over the years since I work on technical jobs. I have started to take an active interest in this domain about seven years ago. After the design of few commercial stores, I realized the idea to make some art with my hands was something very meaningful for me.
I have always had a fascination with colors and for sculptures too. So after a very long period of research, trying to find an original path towards shape and colors; finally, I made up my mind with the resolution to produce art sculpture.
I have a strong interest in artificial light. This is because that that nowadays, I think artificial light fill in our lives as well as natural light.
Therefore, I design many creations where light play an important role in it.

Giorgio Cubeddu

Giorgio Cubeddu – Metal Sculptures Wall Arts
Giorgio Cubeddu – Metal Sculptures Wall Arts

Exhibition in Serramanna – Italy – 2018

Some sculptures of Giorgio Cubeddu can be found also on Beautiful Crafts from Italy.

(*) Each wall art sculpture can be easily suspended on two hooks, and it is fit to host two or three lamp holders.

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