Carole Kohler – Abstract – Painting, and Sculpture

Abstraction doesn’t mean Subtraction

When nature is not only the inspiration vector of an artist but its oxygen and roots, the creation process is powerful, clear and subtle. The artworks of the artist Carole Kohler are a real mirror on what you could feel when you are walking in the middle of the wild side. Whether in the desert, in the forest, through the plains, over the mountains, sailing on the sea or walking on a field of molten lava or the ice. In front of the artworks of Carole Kohler, you can contemplate them as a spectator, but soon you will feel that you may as well be incorporated into them.









Carole Kohler

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Abstract Sculptures by Carole Kohler

Variation 1 in Augmented Reality

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Variation 3 in Augmented Reality

Variation 4 in Augmented Reality

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Please note that as of December 2017, Romuald Reber is the Art Agent of the Artist Carole Kohler.

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